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Jo's Christmas Gift Guide

Mum My mum absolutely loves keeping warm and cosy in the cold Norfolk air and loves a knitted waistcoat, so I’ll be getting her our Leon & Harper Milka Sea natural textured jerkin with fantastic leather look buttons. I particularly love the ecru colour that goes with everything and the cute bobble patterning! Lisa  My sister already owns a Seventy & Mochi Pablo that she wears all year round so it’s an easy choice for me to buy her one in a different colourway - I know that she would love the Dark Vintage colour. The pairing of deep indigo denim with frilled collar and blanket stitched pockets means it’s a winner!Paul  Knowing my husband and his Manchester way of buttoning up every collar to the top, I’m going for the Far Afield Station Melange cardigan. The styling is a real nod to classic 50’s and 60’s mod knitwear and the neutral colour means it looks great over a white tee. Christopher Knowing Christopher for as long as I have, I know he loves his colourful accessories and his grooming, so it’s a tough choice between the Ortigia Lime Aftershave or the Castart X Ours Sister Edouardo Scarf. Let’s go for the scarf as I know he’s a sucker for good knitwear!Eden Our creative genius Eden loves a long walk to work on a Sunday morning so I would go for the Kleman Padror Khaki shoes for her. She has other burgundy colour from last year and I know how instantly comfortable the Padror is so they would be perfect for her to wear into the new year. Suede gives a great textural difference to her look too!