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Jo's Christmas Gift Guide

One of my favourite things in the world is gift giving: it’s such a joyful thing to be able to make someone happy with a carefully thought out present and this year is no exception. In fact, I’d say this year we all need it that little bit more! So here are my favourite things that I’ve chosen for gifting this Christmas. I’m an absolute sucker for for textures in clothing, so I’ll be wrapping up this soft cotton Far Afield Mountain Bouclé Sweatshirt for my husband. The bold & graphic Japanese mountain realised in bouclé wool on the chest is just perfect for someone that likes to keep things classic with a hint of colour. My mum absolutely adores anything Ortigia makes and she loves a home scent too, so I’ll be gifting her one of their large lavishly packaged Ortigia Fico D’India Large Reed Diffuser from the Sicilian homewares kings. Fico D’India is a soft, powdered fragrance that’s really subtle and perfect for keeping rooms fresh and comforting. I’m choosing one our Lefrik backpacks ( Lefrik Handy Mustard Backpack)  for my aunty, she’s out in all weathers walking her dog and the waterproof nature of these bags (as they are made from recycled plastic bottles) is absolutely perfect! There’s a secret pocket pocket on the back for her keys and purse too that make them really easy to get to and the bright mustard colour will be great for after dark walks! Alongside this my older sister is really in need of some stress relief from staring at her work screen all day and the Palm Of Feronia Moonstone Sleep Spray is perfect for helping her relax into a deep sleep after a long day. Spray it on your bed linen and let the calming bergamot, lavender and vetiver scents guide you to slumberland! I’ll be buying team member Eden this chunky & colourful Completist Florence Daily Planner from local papersmiths The Completist. Eden always has so much going on that I think she’s really appreciate being to plan out her days and weeks ahead in something that also looks great on her desk.  Our favourite Saturday guy at the shop, Christopher, will get this bold and colourful Castart Willy Wonka Scarf from the shop as he loves a pop of colour in his wardrobe! These scarves are made from 100% lambswool in Scotland too, so they’ll keep his beard extra snuggly! Finally I’m going to get these awesome fluffy Escuyer Fluffy Green Socks for myself as I’m slightly obsessed by them and I always have cold feet from standing up in the shop all day. Unless someone takes the hint *coughs*.*Reader - he got the hint ;-)