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Wedgie Superman Door Stopper


Meet Super Wedgie: A regular down at Comic Con, Super Wedgie loves nothing more than dressing up as his favourite superhero and hanging out with his fellow geeks. With his super-wedgie door-stopping skills, not even a door made of kryptonite can stop him getting his job done.

Each Wedgie is hand-painted and handcrafted out of quality sustainable Alstonia wood. All wood used is accredited and certified by the Department Of Forest Conservation, Sri Lanka.

The paint used is non toxic, so child and pet friendly. It has a durable matte finish and is incredibly scratch resistant - these Wedgies are made to last.

Please note: The hand painted nature of these doorstops means that some slight variation in colour, design and form is to be expected.

Wedgie is proud to be part of an incentive scheme based in Sri Lanka aimed at the empowerment of men and women based in rural areas of the country.

Size: (L) 21.5cm x (W) 4cm x (H) 3.5cm

Wedgie Superman Door Stopper