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Eden's Gift Guide

It's that time of year again where I am getting in the mood to celebrate with my friends and family and I have to admit I always love buying presents! You can go for a funkier selection whilst shopping for smaller gifts and stocking fillers. I always look for something that would be sure to prompt a cheeky smile, like the naughty looking dog faces on the Arthouse Gingernut Crunch Milk Chocolate or the Prince Door Wedgie. Instant crowd pleasers! 


Next up would be great self care items for someone who needs a bit of TLC. Luxurious, calming and to be used in the cold depths of winter such as the Verdant Alchemy Retreat Bath Shower Oil or the Blasta Henriet Yellow Creatures Wheat Bag. The wheat bag is a generous size and can be wrapped around the back of your neck or, if you are like me, perpetually attached to the lap.

When I am buying for close friends, I try to get small statement pieces that are beautiful objects yet still wearable like the charming MLE Nodo Citron Lime Clutch Bag. It can be worn to social occasions throughout the festive period and well into the New Year. I can definitely see it paired with knit swaddled outfits, shorter springier ensambles as well as punctuating simple evening attire. Similarly, the Far Afield FA Boucle Carbon Sweatshirt offers longevity and wearability whilst still being fun and unique. In winter it could be worn over warmer layers and under bigger jackets, in finer weather it could be fashioned over simple t-shirts and light cottons.


Next on my list is my younger brother. The Good News Shoes Palm Vegea Beige Boot is exactly what he needs. Smart, casual and would go with just about anything. The unisex baseball style boot has been made from discarded grape skins and stalks with the soles made from recycled gym mats! The only issue being that I would need to get a pair for my sister, older brother and Dad. The last on my list is a woman deserving some serious spoiling: my Mother. I would get her the Riyka Reeca Corduroy Jacket to be worn over one of her many pairs of jeans and darker fitted layers. I would insist she wears it to a lovely brunch spot with her clashing bold red bag - just me, her and a big slice of Christmas cake.