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Eden's Christmas Gift guide

When I hear the Christmas bells chiming, with rosy cheeks, I eagerly anticipate handing over goodies to my nearest and dearest. 

First on the list is my sister, a soon-to-be new mom. She'll surely be delighted to unwrap a set of the Custom Made Camille earrings in a pretty purple, along with the Moonstone Sleep Spray from Palm of Feronia— storing up all the glamour and rest before the baby arrives.

The second on my list is my little brother. The YKRA orange Mantra Mini Rucksack will be perfect for his commuting around London and beyond, with its lovely leather details and brilliant orange shade. 

After receiving a disappointing kitchen appliance one year, my Mum once warned, "I don't want anything I can't rub into my skin or spray on my neck." I know I won't disappoint with the Tenth Muse solid perfume balm in Mojo; it really does smell so good.

Last but not least is my Dad, who has a pretty severe leather addiction. I'll pick up a pair of The Oxal Oak Brique boots from Kleman for him to ogle, sniff, and proudly wear.