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Esh Candles Pink Swirl Pillar


Locally made vegan soy wax pillar candle with recycled cotton wick.

Eden rose essential oil fragrance.

Height: 13cm
Width at base: 4.5cm
Weight: 265g
Burn time: 6 hours +

Trim your wick very short, around 5mm, and place candle on a heat proof dish with raised edges to collect any molten wax.

If a channel forms (this looks like a small split in the side, with molten wax pouring down the side of the candle onto the surface your candle is on) quickly plug up the channel with a chunk of hardened wax to stop the dripping completely. This will help the burn pool to grow and reach its optimum size.

Once a pool has been established (typically within 30 minutes of lighting) we recommend burning for a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 2 hours at a time. This will help keep its shape for longer.

Esh Candles Pink Swirl Pillar