Leather workshop with Ryehide

Ryehide worksho.png

Local leather artisan Garry Meehan from Ryehide makes an amazing range of practical, useful products handcrafted from the best cowhide that he sources from around London. All of his pieces have a simplistic beauty that make you think ‘maybe I could make that’. How hard could it be? Answer: pretty damn hard.

We took a workshop with Garry at Form SE15, picking out what we would like to make from a wide choice of wallets, card holders, pouches and belts. Priding myself on my sewing abilities, I thought I’d try my hand at a belt. Garry was really patient with helping each of us with our different projects. Garry’s generous spirit and years of knowledge mean he’s a natural teacher and guides you through each step personally.

Ryehide worksho copy.png

I managed to forgot to sew my belt loop on and back stitched a little too energetically, but after two hours of polishing, stamping, stitching and measuring I’d made a beautiful (and working!) soft brown leather belt. So rewarding and I loved focusing my mind on something with a beautiful end result. 

You can buy Garry’s handmade pieces in store at Form SE15 now.