Dressing for my best weather self (or how a good mood decides what I wear)

It’s not often I think wistfully back to my school days without having to blink away salty tears of regret and embarrassment at how I dressed in the mid eighties. Wham! Terry towelling drawstring tops. Velvet knickerbockers. Waistcoats. Sometimes all of them in one outfit. But blinking like a ruby in the dust of my wardrobe comes the comforting thought of wearing a school uniform day after day, week after week. No real stress at choosing what to wear whether I was deliriously happy (rarely) or feeling that the world was going to end because the blonde haired idiot I fancied didn’t care if I existed (nearly all the time). How could I not have seen that this was a brilliant time due to my absolute lack of choice? The most I had to think about was accessories and how much I could get away with during one school week: hooped over the knee socks? YES. Tie jauntily askew with the thin bit showing? YES - NEVER SHOW THE WIDE PART (or face eternal damnation). Nowadays as adults we have surfeit of choice and that’s where my mood steps in. The sun has put an appearance over the last few weeks making me (and most other Londoners) in a bit of a better mood. Yes please, I WILL wear that strappy dress that saw only one week of August last year. Sandals? Now that my toes no longer resemble chipolatas rolled in hay, of course.

Current happy weather vibes mean I’m coveting both of these Baum Und Pfedergarten prints. The seaside-stripe cotton Silva skirt with a well placed frill hem and decent stretch to accommodate my burgeoning Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter tum. Throw on the super light poppy print Matrika blouse and you’ve got a complete look that means you’re comfortable (SO important for happiness) and totally rockin’ it. Clashing prints are an easy pass into boosting seratonin. I’d go all out and slip on a pair of ethically positive Good News Shoes striped Low Hurlers as well, but I’m just wanting all out giddiness and top vibes.

Without wanting to impart my good mood on the guys out there, maybe a suggestion might be accepted? Because I will never not want to see a man in a Hawaiian shirt in the summer. White tee underneath if you like to loosen it up. Blame it on Clarence in True Romance. Terrible hair but hey, the shirt overcame all of that and then some. UK brand Far Afield has some ace ones, my favourite being the Selleck Tropingo. Worth wearing for the name alone? Plus it’s a beauty: square cut, 50’s vibe, 100% linen. Summer moods need natural fabrics (tell that to my mother in the 70’s). Pair with relaxed slim fit khaki cotton chinos by Bellerose. Roll ‘em up a couple of times, throw your shades in the pocket and drive off into the sunset.

Jo Johnson